Basket Swooshes Plus

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Are you up for a really unusual basketball adventure? Then launch Basket Swooshes Plus right now! You’re about to be thrilled with all the crazy gameplay options it offers – and of course, have a great time playing your favorite sports game online!

Good old basketball, but crazier and more fun!

So, you’re a basketball player, and your goal is to make as many shots as possible in the allotted time. But this isn’t your average basketball game. No, no, no. This game is filled with crazy power-ups and obstacles that will make your head spin.

There are power-ups that make your ball super bouncy, so you can make shots from crazy angles. And those that make your ball explode, so you can take out obstacles in your way. And those that give you wings, so you can fly up and dunk the ball like a pro. Start playing now and check them all out asap!

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