NBA 2K23

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NBA 2K is a popular basketball simulation online game series that has been around since 1999. This great project allows players to experience the exciting world of professional basketball. It can be rightfully said that this simulator is the best one in its genre. The developers did a great job in this new release – the gameplay has been fully reworked and will impress even the pickiest player. Now, the project has stepped far beyond the frames of a simple online game and represents a fabulous basketball universe. NBA 2K fans are invited to dive in a new adventure!

Learn about the NBA legend!

Overall, a new chapter comes with a lot of new features to allow the players to delve deeper into the world of basketball. This time you will be impressed by novelties. In this new installment, you will be able to learn all the details of the NBA legendary player – Michael Jordan. The release comes with a special mode – The Jordan Concept, in which you will be able to live through all the thrilling moments of the sports life of the greatest basketball player. You are offered to participate in 15 cool episodes and go through the most important events and matches of the legendary career of the basketball star. These clips from MJ’s career are presented with great attention to detail, such as retro image filters and their own commentary. You will discover a lot of thrilling things you may have never known before.

Do not miss any mode!

The mode in which you are start as a teenager and develop your sports career remains the central one. In MyCareer you start as a beginner and go through a richly established career. Away from the matches, you roam the world, which is simply called City, complete training missions and build a fan base. In this chapter, the mode has considerably changed – now the story is focused on the rivalry with the other player. The My NBA Eras mode follows the same line, where you can create your own leagues and customize them with a lot of options if you want. Another thrilling game mode is MyTeam, the equivalent of FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode. The goal here is to build your own team, collect power-ups that change every day, and win through challenges and games in both single and multiplayer modes. So do not miss a chance to enjoy this updated release to the fullest!

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