Trow Basketball

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If you are a genuine basketball fan, you will be delighted to know that you can play it even if you are at home. How is that possible? Everything is simple – you can play it online! Modern technologies allowed the developers to create a really interactive simulator where you will enjoy a true-to-life process of interaction with the ball. If you love active games with a ball, the online basketball is what you need! Try to play it against a computer bot or even a live opponent.

Demonstrate your best shot!

The rules in the online game are the same as in traditional basketball. Your aim is to hit as many balls in the hoop of your opponents. Sometimes, it is quite challenging as you will need to learn to send the ball from a far distance. Learn how all controls work to move your player, pass the ball and perform other actions necessary to win the game. Do not worry if you find all your actions are a bit clumsy at first, some training will help a lot. Join now to have a fabulous game together with your friend and try to reach the highest possible score. But you will truly appreciate the attraction of this game only when you play – so do not lose any more time and test it now! You will love it!

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