Today, you can find a lot of thrilling sports activities online – football, golf, tennis and basketball. And the best thing about these projects is that you can enjoy them all not only alone but also together with real competitors. For example, if you love basketball, you can participate in lots of cool online competitions and tournaments, sharing the fun with real players! We have put together the best collection for you – test all these exciting titles until you find your favorite one!

Enhance your skills!

All basketball games come with clear instructions. So you can play it even if you have never tried it in real life. Your main task is the same as in the original game – you need to score as many points as possible by throwing the ball in the hoop of your opponent. In some games, you will have to control the whole team and play in a real-to-life setting against the team of the other player. In other titles, you will enjoy a confrontation between two characters only, who try to make more successful shots. You will need to dribble the ball until a favorable moment to throw it in the hoop.

Have fun in live tournaments!

There is a variety of online basketball projects where you can demonstrate your agility. There are simple games where you will only need to make basic moves, but in others, you will face a really strong adversary. To outperform strong opponents, you will need to train a lot. Take time to master hits from different field angles. The more complicated throws will bring you more points – if you manage to send the ball to the basket from a far distance, you reward is much higher. Play against a computer bot to improve your moves and only then challenge a live opponent. Games for 2 are always thrilling and engaging – check it yourself now! You will enjoy every minute spent on this site.

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